Draft 07-25-2023

Holger‘s version, more like a checklist, few words, preferably lots of white-space:

  • Center For Art And Education is yOur commitment to being human

  • It acknowledges three legitimate uses of mind:
    • to celebrate
    • to be practical
    • to share in authentic ways

  • It invites:
    • to dis-cover the dullness of living without love and beauty
    • the bravery to fully examine the sense of “me” and “I don’t like this”
    • to debunk suffering as a fun-da-mental misunderstanding

  • Center for Art And Education supports practical daily living:
    • to meet and interact with human beings
    • to allow in-team-a-see, by risking to relax without being lazy
    • to refine spiritual understandings and their hands-on integration

Please add your voice and silence:
CenterForArtAndEducation.com a.k.a. cfaae.com
07-25-2023 Holger@Save-Your-But.com

Ethan‘s version:
How about this, same same but different:

…At the Center for Art and Education, we wholeheartedly embrace our humanity and the essence of what it means to be human. We acknowledge three meaningful purposes of the mind that enrich our lives: the joy of celebrating life’s wonders, the practicality of applying our skills, and the profound significance of sharing our authentic selves with others.

In our heartfelt invitation, we encourage you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to truly understand the emptiness that comes from living without love and beauty. We believe in the power of bravery as we examine our inner selves, embracing both the aspects we cherish and those we struggle with, fostering a sense of acceptance and self-compassion.

A fundamental aspect of our mission is to challenge the notion of suffering as an unavoidable burden. We see it as a misunderstanding that can be debunked through enlightenment and understanding. Together, we seek to unravel the mysteries of existence and find peace within ourselves.

In our commitment to practical daily living, we emphasize the value of genuine connections with fellow human beings. Through shared experiences and meaningful interactions, we create spaces where vulnerability is welcomed, leading to deeper bonds and a sense of belonging.

We believe in the power of relaxation as a means to rejuvenate our spirits, while also avoiding complacency and laziness. By daring to open ourselves up to new experiences, we enrich our lives and grow as individuals.

Above all, our endeavor is to integrate spiritual wisdom into our everyday lives. We aim to make these teachings accessible, relatable, and applicable, empowering individuals to find purpose and fulfillment in each moment. Join us on this enriching journey, where together, we explore the beauty of life and celebrate our shared humanity.

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