Practical Peace in Daily Living

For Art & Education

“Embrace with your heart what mind cannot understand.”

Life is a gift, a mystery; not a problem to be solved.
Happiness is our true nature, but we resist what is.

Unknowingly we resist Life and hold onto the familiarity of a narrative we painfully grew into.

Suffering is simply a misunderstanding:
– 10% faulty thinking
– 90% muscle-memory.

  • CFAAE is yOur commitment to being human.
  • Integrating spiritual knowing and daily living.
  • Welcoming you and me on a non-dogmatic direct path.

“The spiritual path is not a solo endeavor.
In fact, the very notion of a self who is trying to free her/himself is a delusion.
We are in it together and the company of spiritual friends helps us realize our interconnectedness.”

  • is not another toy or pain-killer for the mind.
  • is not a self-help group…
    • It is not about freedom in the person,
    • but the natural/practical freedom from a misguided sense of self.
  • requires lots of humor and humility
    • to embrace with our heart what mind cannot understand.
    • to kNOW that what we really long for is always present.
  • Spiritual awakening is for everyone, when it happens organically…
    • clarifying misconceptions,
    • the bravery to not be intimidated by thoughts and feelings.
  • Understanding the me-chanism of suffering…
    • the sense of personal doership,
    • the faulty belief that our happiness is dependent on circumstances.
  • Friendship, love, beauty, intelligence, abundance….
    • Relaxing the me-bubble.
    • Experiencing that radical openness is always a win-win.
  • There are no teachers nor students…
    • but every friend is a unique teacher in her/his own way ❤️
  • Spiritual ego is maybe the biggest one, because it has such noble intentions…
    • We agree to disagree.
    • Having buttons pushed might happen occasionally, to deepen inquiry.
  • Learning to ask freedom questions…
    • to inquire into the nature of mind/reality…
      • First-hand experience is more important than second-hand knowledge.
  • To risk collaboration in
    • developing and sharing contributions that might have…
      • the potential to lovingly debunk the human hypnotism
      • and playfully address the root of our collective sickness
      • to nurture a core paradigm-shift towards practical happiness and sustainable living
    • sharing/snowballing the good news that suffering is a misunderstanding.
  • The goal is not publicity, exposure or “penetrating a market”, but first and foremost to humbly walk our own talk in daily living.
  • Whatever comes, goes (objects, states, feelings, insights, experiences).
  • What do you really want?

Life is more than being busy and paying bills…

Feel welcome to share your words, your love for life, your time/resources…
for something we don’t know yet:

Let’s not waste this precious opportunity to outgrow our own “I don’t like this” and rise beyond our personal limitations.