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Holger: In the context of nonduality, what could this mean:
Welcoming you and me on a non-dogmatic direct path.

In the context of nonduality, the statement “Welcoming you and me on a non-dogmatic direct path” suggests an inclusive and open approach to exploring and understanding nondual teachings or perspectives.

Nonduality refers to a philosophical or spiritual understanding that emphasizes the fundamental unity or oneness of existence, transcending dualistic concepts such as self and other, subject and object, or mind and body. It is often associated with various spiritual traditions, such as Advaita Vedanta, Zen Buddhism, or certain aspects of mystical teachings.

By using the phrase “welcoming you and me,” it indicates an invitation for both the speaker (you) and the listener (me) to embark on this path together. It implies that there is no distinction between the seeker and the guide, emphasizing an egalitarian perspective where all individuals have the potential to discover nondual awareness or truth.

The term “non-dogmatic” suggests an absence of rigid beliefs or fixed doctrines. In the context of nonduality, it implies an approach that encourages independent inquiry, personal exploration, and direct experience rather than blindly adhering to a specific set of teachings or dogmas. It acknowledges the uniqueness of each individual’s journey and encourages them to find their own understanding and realization of nondual truth.

The phrase “direct path” implies an emphasis on immediate experience or direct perception, as opposed to relying solely on conceptual understanding or intellectual knowledge. It suggests that nonduality can be realized through a direct and unmediated experience of one’s own nature or reality, rather than relying solely on external authorities or intermediaries.

Overall, the statement conveys an invitation to explore nonduality in an open, inclusive, and experiential way, free from rigid beliefs or dogmas, with a focus on direct realization and the shared journey of both the speaker and the listener.

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