Pretend some openness (-;

Holger Hubbs: This might look like a cute little website, but please be not deceived…

The good news: Peace and positive change in our little worlds is always at hand, and even a global paradigm-shift is not out of reach; it is neither voodoo nor rocket-science.

The bad news: it starts with our own bravery and humility to understand what is meant when we use the word “I”.

All words as concessions:

Happiness is not a pleasure that comes or goes!
Happiness is our true nature, our reality; always available, always at hand.
Happiness cannot be practiced or worked towards, it can only be dis-covered here and now.

For the unprepared mind, from the isolated me-perspective, this happiness isn’t “fun”, it might seem rather unexciting, boring or even scary.

The root of suffering (resistance/agitation):

  • the erroneous belief that happiness/fulfillment depends on circumstances,
  • the sense of personal doership.

Two simple bullet points, not as entertainment or pain-killer for misguided minds;
but as a practical invitation for higher reasoning, dissolving the limitations of making-sense.

Mr. Jesus spoke about the same one reality:
“So don’t be afraid, little flock. For it gives your Father great happiness to give you the Kingdom.”

In our contemporary language the word “Father” points to Reality, Life, Consciousness, Presence, Love, Peace…
(all words as concessions, like the finger pointing to the moon).

“Kingdom” is not in the body-mind-world realm of time and space, but is Awareness aware of itself – as I am; manifesting as safety, abundance and fulfillment.

A calm and sound mind is the effortless by-product of knowing our true nature experientially.

Thinking is a powerful and necessary tool in this “world”.
Thinking created the mess and thinking can bring us to the edge, to see beyond our mind-stuff that feels so real; to replace conceptualizing with direct experience.

Suffering, hoping, believing, waiting, practicing had a seeming time in our maturing, in our waking up, here and now. It takes a little humility and bravery to see that all I ever longed for, all I ever suffered for was/is/will always be here and now as “I am”.

Thinking remains a most wonderful tool, but it is not a place to live in.

Being alone, our “me” – the one we think, feel and believe to be – is all we know and hold onto.
Together with truth lovers (and former expert sufferers) relaxing, seeing and waking up can happen effortlessly.

  • Learn to ask and embrace freedom-questions.
  • Don’t feel intimidated by mind-stuff (thoughts and feelings are simply mechanical).
  • Save your but, it is not about mental cleverness but simple direct experience (good, bad or indifferent).