Finding words for Center For Art And Education – a.k.a.

A fun-da-mental commitment to Being Human…

At the Center For Art And Education is a fundamental commitment to Being human.

Art in this context is not entertainment, but a unique readiness to touch the heart of being; to bravely detect faulty thinking and to relax habitual muscle-memory, the core of mental “me”.

Education in this context is not the accumulation of information, but the wise, creative and sustainable use of resources / discoveries / insights; tangible and intangible, within and without.

A generous and loving impersonal mystery…

The Center For Art And Education is a protected and dedicated space to welcome like-hearted human beings in service of Life, Practical Peace, Happiness.

We agree to disagree in the world of ideas, the realm of mind-stuff (mental objects).

We understand and experience that suffering is a misunderstanding that can effortlessly dissolve through self-inquiry, exploration and brave human-interchange.

A labor of love, down to earth…

The Center For Art And Education is yOur labor of love;
it is an invitation to examine and test what we believe to know, in the presence of human beings who are increasingly attracted to truth, art and education.

“The greatest gift one can render Humanity is to recognize one’s true nature.”

Risk to be wrong!

All of those words with a grain of salt, not cast into stone, not as prescriptions or pain-killers, but as most sincere/playful pointers to insights not limited by language.

We might risk/enjoy to formulate and share our discoveries in simple practical language:

  • the thinking mind is a powerful tool, but not a place to live in.
  • suffering is a misunderstanding (that can naturally dissolve).
  • our peace, our fulfillment is not in circumstances, but in our attitude.

… and expose those words to the scrutiny of peer-review.

It is not about creating more book-knowledge, but to experience ourself in live human-interchange, dedicated to direct-experience.

A non-dogmatic hub

The Center for Art And Education as a non-dogmatic hub to nurture heart-felt human connection, and to foster practical collaboration, in service of sound and sustainable living.

The secret ingredient is love, openness and bravery. It is not about “exposure” or “penetrating a market”, but you regaining more and more peace inside of yourself and letting it move you.

Friendship and being together most likely reawakens the intuitive knowing that life is more than being busy and paying bills; we can risk again feeling comfortable in our own skin, just for no reason.


We can see spirituality and business as two aspects of the same Reality, here and now; and we can humbly acknowledge the challenge to be the change we want to see in the world, in word and deed.

The old paradigm of economic growth, measured in numbers, obviously doesn’t work anymore.

I am not an expert in economy, “I don’t know” the details…
but I know that positive change is the way of Life.

Somehow the phrase “the best things in life are free” still echoes in my mind; but I also see the beauty and power of money as a tool, as a form of exchange, to express gratitude, to direct resources, to make things possible.

When spirituality becomes an entertainment we pay for it…
(another can of worms).

Busy is easy, but not good enough…

The Center For Art And Education is itself a piece of living art, not a mechanism/machine to generate output.

Your input is very much appreciated:

  • To simply be curious and open:
  • To support me in form-ulating
    • how can fit in as a legal entity, as a public benefit organization (registered in California, operating globally),
    • how to structure CFAAE to ensure that it unfolds unburdened by selfish interests,
    • how CFAAE can humbly contribute to a practical shift in our global/collective/personal attitude; the most important part is you, in your dis-covered peace and happiness, in your simple daily living and sharing.

Thank you!

Peace, (just a click away)

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